Wellness Strategies And Suggestions 101: Making Health Happen In 2018

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Typically, people decide to get healthy at some point in life and then procrastinate about implementing the lifestyle changes necessary to make wellness real. In other cases, individuals implement specific suggestions but find that the modalities aren’t particularly effective or helpful. If either of these situations is true for you, now is the time to give getting healthy another go. To get on the road to making health happen in 2018, try using some or all of the following wellness strategies and suggestions:

  1. Consider Veganism.

One wellness strategy that may be of big benefit to you if you’re serious about making health happen in 2018 is considering veganism. Right now, most people are consuming a Standard American Diet (SAD) which does not include the amount of vegetables and fruits required for the brain and other body systems to function optimally. One great way to ensure that you’re consistently attaining the required amount of fruits and veggies is by trying the vegan diet. Many individuals on this diet wake up to a delicious green smoothie and go to bed after eating a nutrient-packed salad chock full of spinach, pineapple slivers, almonds, etc. If you don’t know how to be vegan, note that there are thousands and thousands of free online resources you can utilize to optimize and accelerate your journey into dynamic health. Some of them include www.thugkitchen.com and www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com.

  1. Make Your Work Life Healthy.

One final strategy that you should implement to make wellness real this year is making your work life healthy. This technique will empower you by ensuring that you don’t struggle with high stress levels while in the professional setting. One strategy you can implement to decrease stress levels when you’re working is taking a 15 minute walk outside in the middle of the day. You can also meditate on your lunch break or get a massage right after work to prevent yourself from bringing stress home. Also note that using software that makes completing your work-related tasks easier and faster can decrease your stress levels. In the event that you work in the nursing home setting, note that the professionals of BestRx can provide you with the nursing home MAR systems that enable you to easily print weekly planners, physician order forms, and medication-administration records.


Trying veganism and making your work life healthy are just two of many techniques that you can deploy to get well in 2018. Start making attitudinal and behavioral shifts immediately so you can become increasingly healthy with each passing year!