Remedy for Nail Fungus – Review of Natural Nail Fungus Remedies

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Toenail fungus is a very real problem for millions of men and women who are battling every day with this incredibly irritating condition. Many who are searching for a viable remedy for nail fungus are turning away from prescription drugs with risky side effects and toward all natural cures or home remedies in their quest for relief from stubborn fungal infections.

But, are any of these options worth the effort or will you merely be wasting both your money and your time while your nail fungus condition simply worsens?

Exploring Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

Essential oils are at the top of the list of ingredients used in natural remedies for nail fungus. Essential oils, or the essences of flowers and plants, are becoming a rather popular option for treating a variety of ailments including toenail fungus. Tea tree, lavender, and oregano oils are the most often used in natural remedies for nail fungus either separately or blended together in varying amounts and then applied topically.

Although simple enough in theory, using essential oils as a nail fungus remedy will take quite a bit of patience and persistence as they must be applied to the affected nails twice per day for at least three months time. Anecdotal accounts of the effectiveness of essential oils such as oil of oregano do exist; however, there are no scientific reports to back these claims. Also, some essential oils may cause allergic reactions or irritation especially in those with sensitive skin, which negates the assumption that “all natural” remedies are completely safe and devoid of side effects.

Ordinary vinegar is a rather versatile product that is certainly no stranger to home remedies and it has been used for several different purposes throughout the ages in addition to cooking. Vinegar is a popular window cleaner and because it is suspected to have antiseptic qualities it has also been used in many types of medicinal preparations.

Apple cider vinegar for toenail fungus is the most common variety used in nail fungus remedies that advise soaking the affected feet in a solution of vinegar and water twice per day for several months at a time. Unfortunately, vinegar has not been shown to be an effective remedy for nail fungus as it does not address the root of the cause, not to mention being a time consuming and eventually costly option.

While many people enjoy a tasty beer after a hard day’s work there are others who actually soak their feet in the alcoholic drink as a nail fungus remedy. Room temperature beer along with white vinegar and acidophilus are mixed together for soaking the feet for at least 30 minutes per day for at least four weeks.

You may have even heard of soaking feet in alcohol-based mouthwash (the so-called Listerine toenail fungus treatment) or worse, in chlorine bleach for the purpose of curing toenail fungus. Both of these liquids can cause rather serious consequences and neither is a recommended or advisable remedy for nail fungus. Alcohol-based mouthwash can cause a significant amount of pain if you have any cracks or cuts on your feet and chlorine bleach is corrosive and will cause damage to the skin.

Before wasting inordinate amounts of essential oils, cases of beer, or gallons of vinegar, not to mention your precious time and money, searching in vain for an effective remedy to get rid of toenail fungus fast you would be better off determining the real root of your fungal infection and then educating yourself thoroughly regarding viable treatment options.