4 Unusual Types of Bail Bonds

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Anyone that has watched a legal television show knows how quickly the accused is often released from jail. The truth can be very different than what is portrayed on the screen, however. In reality, many types of bail bonds can be obtained for various crimes, depending on the person and the criminal accusation against them. Here are five unusual types of bail that Hollywood doesn’t show.

1. Property

If an accused individual does not have a considerable bank account handy when they contact the bail bonds Harrisburg PA company, a property bond can come to their rescue. A house, car, or other valuable personal possessions can be used as collateral against the required bond fees.

2. Recognizance

When a defendant has no history of criminal behavior, and the illegal conduct was not considered egregious, the judge can dismiss the bail restrictions and associated fees. Although it sounds wonderful, being released on a person’s recognizance is shown to be awarded most often in small towns and in media-driven cases.

3. Citation

Not well known and only offered in minor instances, the citation is an unusual type of bond. The arresting officer can issue the accused party an order to appear before the judge at a predetermined time in lieu of arresting them. The citation is entirely at the officer’s discretion in most cases, and it can save processing time in busy districts.

4. Federal

Federal bail is limited to criminal or international cases that involve federal crimes. Although the government issued bails are like surety bonds, the federal bail bond has many restrictions the state contracts may not have. Those restrictions can include movement monitoring, drug testing, and limited firearm possession.

There are many types of crimes committed every day, so it makes sense there would different classes of bail available to the various defendants. They all have one thing in common, however – a promise to make future court appearances.