Best Reasons Dancers Should Go For Whole-Body Vibration Training

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Did you know that there are certain artists who are required to stay in shape? Though it’s not a requirement, per se, it does help these artists better showcase their art when they’re trim and fit. Now surely, this got you thinking: what artists need good bodies to make art? Painters just sit or stand when painting. And it’s not as if sculpting is that strenuous an exercise. And what of musicians? Do they really need to be in shape or are they just fit for marketing reasons? It’s easy to be cynical about this, however, it doesn’t make this any less true. The artists who need to stay in shape are dancers. 

When dancers dance, they’re making art. But it’s ultimately better for their dancing when they’re in shape. One of the better and more suitable exercises for them to maintain their figures is whole-body vibration training and here’s why: 

Doesn’t Require Straining the Body

Firstly, whole-body vibration training doesn’t strain one’s entire body. You might wrongly think that just because the name as ‘whole-body’ in it, this means who have to move your whole body around. No, it does not. This only means you have to take your whole body on top of a vibration machine to get it going. And ultimately, that’s it! You can do yoga or aerobics while doing whole-body vibration training, but they’re not required. Just sitting or standing on the vibrating plate will do. Save moving your body for your dancing, when you work out, let the vibrations do their magic on you. 

Strengthens Muscles

Now, you may ask, what exactly is the magic the vibrations do unto your body? For one thing, they actually strengthen your muscles. Though quite ticklish, when you’re vibrating on top of a vibration machine, your muscles and tissues are actually getting stronger and more bonded than ever. This is mostly because the vibrations soothe them and make them less strain than ever. More often than not, and especially when you move your body a lot with dancing, your muscles get too strain and worked up. Whole-body vibration training does the opposite for your body when you work out.  

Promotes Flexibility

When your muscles are soothed, one of the best benefits is your body becomes more flexible. Suddenly, you might find that you can do all sorts of poses and positions as a result of whole-body vibration training. The dance moves that you found too difficult to do prior, now, you can them with ease. And when your body is more flexible, you’ll likely look more graceful on stage, making your art that much more beautiful. This is another reason why dancers should go for exercising with a vibration machine: flexibility. The more flexible you are, the more you’re able to execute your art. 

Soothed the Joints

In the same vein, your joints are also better soothed as a result of whole-body vibration training. Arguably, even when you pair your workouts with yoga and aerobics, they might result in more relaxed joints. This is because when you challenge your body to all sorts of action and poses, whilst they’re being vibrated, this can increase the benefit of strengthening your body parts. So apart from coming out more flexible, your joints are now more ready than ever to take on various dance routines. Whatever genre of dance you might be into, as long as you have stronger and more relaxed joints, you’re good to go! 

Helps Calm the Mind

Imagine sitting on a vibration machine while it’s on. The vibrations work their way up to your body as you slowly possibly descend into sleep. It’s incredibly relaxing, isn’t it? Well, as many people might not realize, it’s as relaxing to the mind as it is to the body. Whole-body vibration training helps clear your mind, letting go of all the tension and stress that may be up there. And when you’re stress-free and stable-minded, you’ll have an easier time dancing. complicated routines may suddenly seem as clear as day to you. And you can better execute your art without so much as a flinch. 

Easy To Do

Why do you want to complicate your life when working out? Isn’t getting to understand and memorize complicated dance routines enough for you? Why make exercising challenging? In a lot of ways, it should be the opposite. Your workout should be more simple so that all your comprehension skills can be put to better use trying to understand your routines. Here’s where whole-body vibration training can also help. As simple as standing or sitting on the vibration machine and turning it on, that’s already your exercise. If you want to do yoga on it or some aerobics moves, go on right ahead. But at least, the exercise remains easy to do. 

Relaxed the Body

All of the previous benefits mentioned add up to this one huge point: the exercise relaxes your mind and body. And among other things, a relaxed (yet prepared) body is all that you need. This is mostly because when you dance, that’s when you work up your body. From the simplest of moves to the most difficult of positions, the art of dance strains your body. So to better prepared for it, you need a relaxed frame getting into it. It’s a balance that helps you stay healthy and happy despite the rigors of the art form. 

Teaches One To Get in Rhythm

This is a huge benefit that many dancers might not realize. When you go for whole-body vibration training, you’re actually teaching yourself to get into a certain rhythm as well. At first, it’s not as obvious. You may even feel and look weird just letting a machine vibrate your body. But once you get to the rhythm of the machine, you’ll find that you can pair this exercise with other workouts easy peasy. And everyone knows that when it comes to dancing, getting into the rhythm of the music is at the core of the art form. With whole-body vibration training, you get to do that too. 

Dancers, as you get your fitness regimes in check, try to see if you can fit whole-body vibration training into it. You never know how much this exercise may benefit you if you don’t try it!