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Pap Smear in Twin Falls, Idaho | Myths About Cervical Cancer

Read on to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding cervical cancer and Pap smears. Call your local clinic now to book your smear test.

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Cervical Cancer (H1) 

Cervical cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women, affecting approximately 13,000 Americans each year. But, in the last 40 years, the number of cases and deaths due to this disease has significantly declined ever since women started taking regular Pap smears. 

Although there’s an abundance of information found online about cervical cancer, there are still plenty of myths that surround it, especially regarding smear tests and the human papillomavirus (HPV). Here are 5 common myths about cervical cancer and Pap smear in Twin Falls Idaho, debunked:

Myth #1: Women Need to Get a Pap Test Every Year

Annual smear tests aren’t recommended for a woman at average risk. If the …

Dental Solutions to Bruxism

Bruxism is the unconscious grinding of the teeth. For most patients, the teeth grinding occurs at night while they sleep. Headaches, a sore jaw, a stiff jaw and broken and cracked teeth are some of the telltale symptoms of bruxism.

If you’ve been diagnosed with bruxism, you may be overwhelmed by the multiple treatment options available. There is no cure for bruxism, but many treatment options are available that reduce the triggers of the teeth grinding.

There are many causes of bruxism including stress, sleep apnea, habits, psychological disorders and dental occlusions issues.

The treatment options for bruxism fall into two main categories, both of which target the triggering symptoms that cause bruxism.

Examples of both kinds of bruxism treatment are listed below in their corresponding categories. Depending on your specific bruxism case, you may either be better treated with a treatment option that reduces the occurrence of bruxism or