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How to Treat Dry Mouth at Home

Also known as Xerostomia, dry mouth is a medical condition where the production of saliva is reduced and thus resulting in the mouth becoming dry and sticky. In most cases, dry mouth is followed by dry tongue, dry throat, the problem with swallowing, tingling sensation in the mouth, bad breath and a thirst that’s unquenchable. Dry mouth is normally caused by various factors like reduced moisture in the mouth, yeast infection, gingivitis or mouth irritation, ongoing medical treatment, irritation or swelling at the corners of the mouth, radiation therapy, menopause and cigarette smoking.

A dentist in Surrey knows that suffering from dry mouth can be extremely irritating, especially because of the sticky feeling inside the mouth. People who experience this condition refer to this feeling as having “cotton mouth”. This condition can be treated easily with a few changes in your lifestyle and home remedies. Just make sure to follow …