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What Can You Expect From Therapy

There may be a time when you realize you need some help and are wondering what to expect from counselling Victoria BC. The prospect of sharing details about your life can feel overwhelming, here are 7 things to set your mind at ease when starting therapy.

  1. Safety- It may be slightly frightening going to therapy you may feel you may be judged, what you will find is an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and warmth to help you heal.
  2. Commonality- You want a therapist who can identify with your hopes, dreams and wishes as well as the anger, frustration, worries, fears or sadness you may be feeling. To feel you have both may have shared some of these experiences, to feel your therapist doesn’t have it all together.
  3. Curiosity and Empathy – Your therapist is not a mind reader, you want them to show a non-judgemental curiosity about your inner