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The 4 Ways To Master Emotional Intelligence

Masters of emotional intelligence will be aware of and know how to control and express emotions in any situation.  These people are able to manage their personal and professional relationships through clear communication and handle conversations without judgment and with empathy.  They are also more self-aware and are aware of opportunities for personal growth. These people exercise their emotional intelligence muscles and become better versions of themselves which makes achieving their goals much easier.  If you want to become one of these people, you need to know who to start your path to mastering emotional intelligence. 

Take A Head-On Approach To Conflict

Technology has connected the world in a way that has never been seen and you can connect with people by swiping your finger.  This connection brings different personalities, cultures, beliefs, and identities into contact. This diverse group can make communication difficult because everyone has a different opinion and …

Best Reasons Dancers Should Go For Whole-Body Vibration Training

Did you know that there are certain artists who are required to stay in shape? Though it’s not a requirement, per se, it does help these artists better showcase their art when they’re trim and fit. Now surely, this got you thinking: what artists need good bodies to make art? Painters just sit or stand when painting. And it’s not as if sculpting is that strenuous an exercise. And what of musicians? Do they really need to be in shape or are they just fit for marketing reasons? It’s easy to be cynical about this, however, it doesn’t make this any less true. The artists who need to stay in shape are dancers. 

When dancers dance, they’re making art. But it’s ultimately better for their dancing when they’re in shape. One of the better and more suitable exercises for them to maintain their figures is whole-body vibration training and here’s …