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Can you save a person from stroke? Have you attended First Aid Training?

Every second is countable and precious whrn a person is having a stroke. Your immediate action will potentially help to save the person and get back to his life I you can master the situation. Knowing basic first aid knowledge, will help to save millions of lives.

Generally, Stroke is the “Brain Attack”. Stroke is a situation when the sufficient oxygen flow and blood supply is interrupted to the brain because of a blood vessel to the brain has a clot or bursts. Hence, under this situation, the longer the person is suffering without sufficient blood supply, the higher the damage to the brain occurs and the greater the risk is to save the victim. But administering first aid at the right time can save a victim from criticality.

Actions to noted when someone is having a stroke:

  1. Call 911 Immediately

The first and foremost step is to Call 911 …