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Cheaters no longer safe thanks to the bad boyfriend database

After decades of getting away with treating women badly, girls have decided to take action. Women are coming together to report their jerky ex-boyfriends at a website called

The site gives women a place to chat about their negative experiences regarding past relationships. So, if you’re planning on cheating on your girlfriend or treating her badly, you might want to reconsider if you’re not keen on ending up on this list. Because if you do, it’s sort of like being blacklisted by the entire female population.

Is truly has been a long time coming. Why would you even get into a relationship, if all you plan on doing is hurting your partner? The ex-boyfriend list finally puts a stop to this, seeing as the consequence of being ostracized from dating forever is just far too severe, if all you’re getting out of it is an unhappy girlfriend.

That …