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Soaps vs sanitizers conundrum: What fights coronavirus better

Hand washing with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer is probably going to be equally effective at removing and inactivating the spread of viruses, including the novel corona virus that causes COVID-19. The foremost important practice to follow is for people to scrub their hands frequently using “FDA approved hand sanitizer” and “alcohol based soap “to avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands. Some people question whether sanitizer “and” alcohol based soap “is an efficient tool. In fact, hand sanitizer” and “alcohol based soap “does remove an epidemic from hands, so it should work equally well to avoid spread of the virus unless hands are heavily soiled. It’s a very viable option for those that don’t have immediate access to a sink.

There are different reasons why i think the methods are likely to be equally effective. First, we checked out the removal and inactivation of a …