The 4 Ways To Master Emotional Intelligence

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Masters of emotional intelligence will be aware of and know how to control and express emotions in any situation.  These people are able to manage their personal and professional relationships through clear communication and handle conversations without judgment and with empathy.  They are also more self-aware and are aware of opportunities for personal growth. These people exercise their emotional intelligence muscles and become better versions of themselves which makes achieving their goals much easier.  If you want to become one of these people, you need to know who to start your path to mastering emotional intelligence. 

Take A Head-On Approach To Conflict

Technology has connected the world in a way that has never been seen and you can connect with people by swiping your finger.  This connection brings different personalities, cultures, beliefs, and identities into contact. This diverse group can make communication difficult because everyone has a different opinion and conflict is likely.  

Masters of emotions will understand their emotions and manage them while also accommodating the emotions of other people.  This is the basis of emotional intelligence. It also allows you to approach any conflict head-on.  

These masters approach conflict with empathy and understanding instead of judgment.  Many people find it easier to lead with curiosity which leads to empathy. Ask questions and avoid taking one side until you understand where everyone is coming from.  

Accept Differences

If you are faced with conflict because someone is different from you, it is important to not try to change them.  Mastering emotional intelligence requires an open mind and this is something you have to practice. It is harder to achieve this if you have not been around people with different viewpoints before.  

You can overcome this by committing to interacting with different personalities and perspectives.  This helps you expand your own perspective. While it can be challenging to accept these differences, doing so will help you master your own emotions. 

Be A Good Listener

Most people do not listen to understand, they instead listen to reply.  This is a serious problem and masters of emotional intelligence understand that effective communication is only possible when you are a good listener.  When you have a conversation with anyone, give them the chance to share everything they want before asking follow-up questions.  

The next time you are in a conversation, you should ask the person to tell you more about what they have talked about.  This is a simple question that is open-ended and gives them the chance to share without judgment or limitations. Mind coaching can help as well. Train yourself to listen and accept, it can help you grow and be a better person.


As with all skills, you need to practice and emotional intelligence is no different.  Time and practice are required to master this skill. As you practice, you should not be discouraged when you make a mistake or react negatively to something.  

Instead, you should ask yourself what you did wrong and how you can react better next time.  You need to check that you were open-minded when you entered the situation and reflect on the emotions you felt.  Over time, you will become at ease with your emotions and reactions making you a master of emotional intelligence.