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Everything You Need to Know about Spider Bites

Some people are fascinated by spiders, while others would prefer not seeing them in their lifetime. What’s definitely unpleasant even for spider lovers are spider bites. Even so, spider bites can produce pain and swelling in the affected area. Of all the varieties of spiders found in North America, only the black widow and brown recluse spiders have venom that can harm humans. And rarely do bites from these spiders become deadly.

Black widow spiders can be identified by their usually shiny and hairless black body, with an abdomen that is round and about a half inch in length. An hourglass marking at the bottom of the abdomen is a sure identifier of a black widow. Variations in this particular marking have been observed, ranging from an orange color to a shape that is more akin to a dot than an hourglass. Black widows are not particularly aggressive toward humans, …