Apparao Mukkamala: The Accomplished Radiologist in the United States

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The radiologist is a physician who specializes in treating and diagnosing disease and injury by using the medical imaging techniques which include CT or computed tomography, x-rays, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography (PET), nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and fusion imaging. Since, some of these imaging techniques may need the use of radiation, sufficient training and knowledge about radiation safety is important.

Apparao Mukkamala, the leading radiologist

Among the radiologists present in Flint, Michigan, Dr. Mukkamala is the most well- known name who is at present associated with a number of hospitals in that area such as Harbor Beach Community Hospital and Genesys Regional Medical Center. With experience of several decades; he is no doubt one of the leading radiologists in the state.

As a radiologist he plays an important role in the healthcare sector which may include the following:

  • As an expert consultant he helps the physician to select the right examination, understand the resulting medical images, and use test results to direct the care of the patient.
  • Has expertise in treating diseases by means of radiation or image-guided, minimally invasive, therapeutic intervention
  • Direct radiologic technologists in the proper performance of quality exams
  • Can correlate medical image findings with other tests and examinations
  • Prescribe additional examinations or treatments when required and discuss with referring physicians.

In case the primary doctors of the patient consults with Dr. Apparao Mukkamala on results of imaging procedures then he is also responsible for recommending courses of treatment. He has the expertise to administer oncology, nuclear medicine, or other radiation techniques to treat patients with certain diseases. In addition to this he may perform duties of the general physician, such as recording medical histories, examining patients, and prescribing medications. As stated by Dr. Mukkamala rightly that radiologists should be organized and should be able to manage many tasks simultaneously. This is why; the radiologist should have strong communication and interpersonal skills in order to interact with patients, colleagues and staff. On the whole, radiologists need to be proficient in general radiology techniques which may include mammography, ultrasound and X-ray.

About Dr. Mukkamala’s early life and career

Although Dr. Mukkamala is a famous radiologist, he has passion for his profession and he loves to assist the lives of others. Born in Budhavaram, of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, India, Dr. Mukkamala is the seventh of ten children and he used to stay in a home that has been devoid of any suitable running water, flooring, or concrete roads. Dr. Mukkamala has donated more than one million dollar for Chinmaya Vijaya Orphanage and teaching hospital. He is a clinical researcher as well whose work has been published in certain renowned scientific publications. In addition to this, Dr. Apparao Mukkamala has received a number of awards due to his contribution towards the society and for the humanitarian causes. He has also been awarded with the State of Michigan Distinguished Citizen Award and is listed in Who’s Who in the Midwest.