The Truth on Tanning

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There  are still a few people who believe that using a tanning bed, booth or sunlamp to get

a tan is safer than tanning outside in the sun. The reality is that both indoor or outdoor tanning expose the skin to UV ( ultraviolet ) rays that are the cause of most skin cancers and sun spots. This is why sun spot removal in Vancouver is important. UV rays whether outdoors or from indoor tanning can cause wrinkles, rashes and dark spots. The CDC reports that those who begin tanning during adolescence or early adulthood run a higher risk of melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer.

Indoor tanning is especially popular among young women and teenage girls who believe that tanned skin makes them more attractive and healthy looking. Some teens and their parents mistakenly believe that tanning indoors is a safer alternative to tanning in the sun. The truth is that UV rays damage the skin no matter what the source. In fact that the most damaging kind of UV rays actually change the DNA in cells which is what most experts expect causes most skin cancer.

There is a mistaken belief that a base tan is a safe tan and protects the body against sunburn.  A tan of any kind is the body trying to repair itself from UV and shows the damage it has done and does little to protect your skin from future UV exposure. That healthy glow is not so healthy after all. The popularity of indoor tanning by some individuals who believe by getting a controlled tan they can control the level of exposure to UV rays is a safer alternative. In fact exposing your skin to intense UV rays increases the risk of melanoma – the second most common cause of cancer in women 20- 29 years old. There are laws prohibiting use of tanning beds by minors that will soon be more widespread as links to skin cancer come to light.

Common sense should tell us that prevention, protection and early detection are key in preventing death from skin cancer. Annual body exams and watching any suspicious spots that arise and don’t go away signal immediate attention. Still after that healthy tanned look, there are new, organic self tanning options without the risk of the damage associated with artificial UV rays.

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