How Mold Growth Can Affect Your Health

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Recent winter storms have wreaked havoc on many homes and businesses in many areas of the country. Even home and business owners who have never had issues from these storms have experienced damage from water penetrating their homes or businesses. Water damage should always be closely inspected even if it appears to be minor, the resulting mould growth poses a major health hazard to everyone and mold removal may be required.

Mould needs certain conditions to grow as follows: moisture ( liquid water ) food ( typically starch or sugar ) temperature ( between 41 and 104 degrees ) and finally oxygen. The last 2 are primarily found in an indoor environment. As for the food source it’s readily available in the backing of drywall or even in the particles of water make the addition of moisture into the wall cavity something that requires immediate attention.

Water damage from winter storms is not the only way moisture in your home or business, a leaky faucet or pipe can result in the conditions for mould growth. Hidden behind drywall or panelling it can go undetected, if you suspect there may be mould in wall cavities it’s wise to have it checked. There are steps you can take to prevent mould growth listed below:

  1. Dry areas immediately, act quickly to clean and dry areas that are subject to water quickly ( within 48 hours ) will help prevent conditions for mould growth.
  2. Be aware of any warnings signs that you may have a mould problem, keep an eye out even in areas that have been cleaned and dried, be sensitive to musty odors.
  3. Inspect the perimeter of your home or building, a thorough visual check for accumulated ground water. Improper drainage creates a breeding ground for mould growth. Mould growth outdoors can spread to the interior if left unchecked. Take action to make sure drains away from the buildings foundation. Dry well drained ares eliminate any chance for mould to take hold.
  4. Remove damaged materials, materials that are wet and can’t be cleaned or dried should be removed from the building  and replaced with new materials that will be more mould resistant. Insulation inside wall cavities often gets wet, even though it doesn’t contain the food source for mold growth the water that seeped into the area may contain the food source. Any wet insulation should be replaced with new materials along with drywall that will provide a food source for mould growth. When replacing drywall it may be a good idea to replace it with materials that contain mould or moisture inhibitors.

If you have experienced recent water damage In Victoria BC , why not call on the experience of Pro Pacific Hazmat for peace of mind. Mould growth presents a serious health hazard for yourself, your family and pets.