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How Mold Growth Can Affect Your Health

Recent winter storms have wreaked havoc on many homes and businesses in many areas of the country. Even home and business owners who have never had issues from these storms have experienced damage from water penetrating their homes or businesses. Water damage should always be closely inspected even if it appears to be minor, the resulting mould growth poses a major health hazard to everyone and mold removal may be required.

Mould needs certain conditions to grow as follows: moisture ( liquid water ) food ( typically starch or sugar ) temperature ( between 41 and 104 degrees ) and finally oxygen. The last 2 are primarily found in an indoor environment. As for the food source it’s readily available in the backing of drywall or even in the particles of water make the addition of moisture into the wall cavity something that requires immediate attention.

Water damage from winter …

Does Earwax Affect Hearing?

What is earwax?

Earwax of also known as cerumen in the medical field is a normal and naturally occurring substance that’s being secreted in the ear canal (the gateway between the outer and inner ear). Earwax is composed of secretions from the sweat and sebaceous glands and also dead skin cells from the ear. As earwax slowly goes to the outer ear, it sometimes picks up microscopic fragments like dirt, hair and tiny debris.

Can earwax have an effect on my hearing?

If there is an accumulation of earwax, it can result in ear canal blockage, blocking sound and as a result of not allowing the ear to hear properly. As a matter of fact, earwax blockage is one of the most common causes of temporary hearing loss. This build-up can also present symptoms like the feeling of fullness in the ear, noises in the ear and earache.

Another problem …